Global Green City


Commercial Properties

The Global Green City provides a wide range of commercial opportunities, from the 5 Wonders...Read more


residential properties

Gulhi Falhu offers a total of 40 hectares for state-of-the-art housing units... Read more



GPD offer a wide range of services within the Global Green City... Read more

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GAP Amusement Park


Jan, 9th - Minister of Economics Mr. Mohamed Saeed visits Global Green City...Read more

Dec, 19th - Heaviest cargo (40ft) container was unloaded at Global Port...Read more

Dec, 18th - Presentation to economic council at President's office...Read more

Dec, 10th - Meeting with the President's office...Read more

Dec, 9th - Opening of the Global Amusement Park (GAPE)...Read more

Dec, 7th - Mr. David Amess MP visits the Global Green City...Read more